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Home of musician, composer and author Marc Ongley

Marc plays different types of guitars to compliment his wide-ranging musical ability and tastes.

Classical Concerts and recordings: 2012 Handmade Pablo Requena Spruce Top guitar.

Other solo classical gigs: 2003 Takamine EC132SCX Japanese manufactured nylon string.

For jazz and blues: 2014 Custom Shop Gibson L4, 1978 Gibson 335TD, 2015 
Custom Shop American Standard Telecaster, 2019 Glenn Frey Signature EF360GF Takamine.

Gig and Recording Amps: AER Compact 60 acoustic amp, Strauss SVT-20R valve amp, Egnater 65 Watt Renegade valve amp with boutique Gigmaster 1012 Cab. 1995 Marshall JCM 900 100 Watt High Gain Dual Reverb valve amp head with 1960 Vintage Marshall 4x12 Slant Cab.